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Process Integration(XI)
  • Design and Implement Integration Architecture using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.
  • Integration services for connecting disparate applications (SAP and non-SAP) and systems with comprehensive monitoring and alert architecture.
  • Connectivity with all kinds of applications in a heterogeneous landscape to offer a uniform Enterprise Integration Layer (EAI/ESB)
  • Create and Execute cross application business processes that can be measured for process efficiency
SAP Manufacturing Intelligence & Integration (MII)
  • Helping you achieve Manufacturing Synchronization by connecting various types of systems in your shop floor (PLC, DCS, SCADA, MES, RFID, Weigh-bridge and LIMS etc.) to the Enterprise SAP Systems (ERP, SCM, BI etc.)
  • Pre-built catalog of dashboards for shop-floor roles to provide intelligence to your manufacturing facility.
  • Providing multi-channel (SMS, E-Mail and Portal etc.) alert & notification framework for plant activities (production, maintenance, goods movement etc.).
Bank Connectivity for Straight Through Processing
  • Real time integration of your SAP ERP solution with Bank for transaction processing thereby reducing manual efforts & increasing efficiency.