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SAP Document Access and Archiving by Open Text – A complete Enterprise Content Management Solution

The SAP Document Access and Archiving by Open Text allows enterprises to manage increasing amounts of information with a minimum amount of effort and resources. Ready for immediate integration into SAP software, this content management application allows you to handle both structured and unstructured data.

Solution Features

  • Data and Document Archiving:
    • Archives SAP data and documents (applications and BW) with high compression ratio
    • Reduction in the storage space and increase in the system
    • Storage vendor and type independent
  • Scanning and Document Linking:
    • Scans paper documents. SAP Archiving also includes a scanning solution. SAP Archiving supports any industry-standard scanner (ISIS standard scanner, personal desktop scanners, etc.)
    • Integrates Scanned images, electronic documents and email with SAP transactions and workflows and securely archives them
    • When the document is scanned in, it automatically triggers an SAP workflow
    • Inbuilt scanning integration – supporting all industry standards for scanning. Supports bulk scanning. An incoming (scanned or electronic) document can trigger a workflow
    • Document Viewer with annotation capabilities
    • No separate user training needed. Native to SAP – works from within SAP windows
    • Seasonal and geographical buying patterns
  • 360 Degree View:
    • Single point of access to SAP and non-SAP data and documents (Archived, live) within SAPGUI and SAP NetWeaver Portal environments
    • Provides access to data and documents from any SAP module
    • Spans multiple SAP modules and systems
    • User interface in either SAPGUI or SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Security and Compliance:
    • Helps in regulatory compliance with secure and easily retrievable data records and documents after archiving
  • Cross-application View and Virtual Folders:
    • Single point of access to SAP (cross-module view), non-SAP and legacy data and documents from SAP Screens
    • Organizes and manages all content (including legacy data and documents) in virtual folders (dynamic collection of related content in business process context). Examples – Customer, Real Estate, Employee, Order, Supplier, Dealer folders
    • Enables “virtual folders” for dynamic collection of related content (including legacy content) in business process context
    • Examples: Customer, Real Estate, Employee, Order folders
    • Easy to use folder navigation from SAP GUI or SAP Enterprise Portal
    • Document Viewer with Annotation capability
  • Integration with SAP NetWeaver:
    • Integrates with SAP Content Management
    • Template-based document creation processes
    • Document editing and revision
    • Document status change
    • BI Archiving and in standard and Near line storage mode
  • Legacy Decommissioning:
    • Legacy solutions can be decommissioned with all transactions and data there accessible from SAP screens using printlists

Business Issues

Disconnected Structured and Unstructured information

  • Many processes are triggered by, include and generate unstructured content (e-mails, e-documents, scanned images etc.). ERP generally doesn’t handle unstructured content.
  • Business documents are geographically distributed in different sites. How to handle business processes with centralized ERP and distributed associated process documents?
  • All partially or fully paper based processes managed by SAP ERP can’t make full use of SAP ERP and are very slow and error-prone
  • Governance and Compliance problems
  • 90% of the content in an organization is unstructured
  • Typically affected processes – AP, AR, HR, Customer-centric, purchase and Shared services

Increasing costs and risks

Growing size of SAP data

  • Ever-increasing size of SAP data – Increased storage requirements
  • Large database size – Decreased performance – Need of server hardware up-gradation

Low productivity

  • Low process efficiency
  • Manual interventions
  • SAP Workflows move to next stage in a fraction of second. But paper moving from one table to another OR one city to other takes ages

Paper based processes

  • Retaining and storing unstructured information as per government compliance
  • Expensive audits – mapping hugenumber of SAP transactions withassociated unstructured content
  • Risky – temper proof

Scattered Information

  • In various systems – SAP and non-SAP
  • Co-existence of SAP and legacy systems
  • Taking decisions becomes longer


The SAP Document Access and Archiving by Open Text allows enterprises to manage increasing amounts of information with a minimum amount of effort and resources. Ready for immediate integration into SAP software, this content management application allows you to handle both structured and unstructured data.


Cut Costs Reduce IT Consolidation and Maintenance Costs

  • Archives SAP data with high compression ratio
IT Department:Lower Costs & High Performance
  • Rapidly growing Data in SAP Systems
  • Low System Performance
  • Lengthy and Complex future upgrades & consolidations
  • Long backup and restore time for meeting regulatory reguirements to keep historical data
Solution by SAP Archiving and Document Access
  • Keeps the SAP database (applications and BW) manageable while reducing admin effort and resource consumption
  • High compression – Reduced storage needs
  • increased System Performance
  • Retention of critical business records in very secure format


Connect: Improving Operational Efficiency and Productivity

  • Scans paper documents, electronic documents and email, securely archives them and integrates them with SAP transactions and workflows
  • Fast ans easy acces. Few examples below
Accounts Receivable: Increased Profitability – Reduce AR outstanding & bad dept write-off – Improve credit line


  • Inefficient collection process – long collection time, increased bad debt & eroded bottom line revenue
  • AR dept needs info from many sources to solve problems,which prevent customers from paying
  • Needs account info generated throughout the organization to facilitate timely collection
  • Ends up manually pulling relevant documents from multiple departments & systems, query colleagues and wait for information to be faxed or sent
Solution by SAP Archiving and Document Access
  • Link order information as soon as it is entered or scanned into the system to corresponding customer info
  • AR staff simply needs to enter basic customer information to access related information
  • Reducing the time spent manually looking for information scattered across multiple systems
Accounts Payable: Increased Process Efficiency – Taking Advantage of Cash Discounts


  • Difficult to manage high volume, paper-based AP process
  • Every invoice passes through several people review approval
  • Lower efficiency,missed due dates, missed cash discounts for early payment and late fees
Solution by SAP Archiving and Document Access
  • Invoice document conversation to electronic format
  • Integrating it with the SAP workflow as an electronic document
  • Instant access to invoice document
  • Reduced paper transport times and AP process more efficient
  • Works very well in Shared Services scenario as well


Comply: Ensuring Compliance and Reducing Risk

Developing and implementing best practises for compliance requirements not only protects organizations from risk ,but helps them streamline operations, reduce administrative costs and proactively prepare to comply with emerging regulations
  • Regulations consistently require that organizations track, manage and retain critical business information and present it upon request
  • Most regulations place a number of strict requirements on corporations to manage content through its active lifecycle
  • Also to retain it for many years or decades after it’s use
Solution by SAP Archiving and Document Access
  • Electronic document retention for many regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, U.S, Food and Drug Administration and others




Implementation Details
  • Easy to deploy (Rapid Go-Live) and Easy Enhancement
  • Packaged solution with five scenarios
  • Quick implementation – 8 to 12 weeks
  • MM Purchase Order History
  • SD Document Hierarchy
  • FI Account View
  • Material Documents and FI Documents
  • SAP Data Archiving, 360 Degree view and Virtual folder creation of above scenarios

Solution Brief


Solution Detail