Arteria Arteria

Arteria strives to provide high class consulting and create ultimate customer satisfaction by delivering the best-in-class service with continuous improvement in everything it does.

Business Philosophy and Focus

  • Specializing in the domain of Application Management Services (SAP) and Integrated Business Solutions segments.
  • Focus on excellence with an eye to leverage new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion.
  • Customer-centric enterprise, delivering not only customer demands but business competitiveness that would ensure a faster ROI.
  • SAP Centre of Excellence with focus on NetWeaver.
  • Striving for a mutually beneficial and enduring partnership


Arteria is committed to offer high quality services ensuring that our customers always derive measurable business benefits out of their SAP installations.


Arteria’s vision is to be the recognized leader providing best-in-class SAP services at an affordable cost by exceeding customer’s expectations.


  • Integrity
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Fair Business Ethics
  • Value for Money
  • Do what we commit

General Commitments

  • Human Rights: Arteria supports and respects human rights and strives to ensure that its activities do not make it an accessory to infringements of human rights.
  • Privacy: The privacy of personally identifiable information about customers, employees, business partners and other individuals is of prime importance to it and its make sure they are always protected.
  • Environmental protection: Consistent with its commitment to sustainable development, Arteria does and will continue to do all that is reasonable and practicable to minimize the adverse effects of its activities on the environment.
  • Fair business ethics: Arteria firmly believes in Business ethics and is committed in practicing fair business ethic dealings.

Commitments towards Customers

Consistent customer relationship management is the focus of all our activities. Partnership and trust grow on the basis of customer delight. Arteria is committed in maintaining high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring Reliability, Accountability, Trust , Information security, Fairness, honesty and the highest level of Integrity to the customers and constant engagement with its customers.

Commitments towards Employees

A highly developed employee culture is the basis of our success. Arteria values its employees as its family and asset. An atmosphere of good employee communication, involvement and responsibility is of central importance. Arteria ‘s commitment to employees as follows:

  • Respects all employees
  • Health and Safety
  • Equal and fair treatment
  • Privacy
  • Continuous learning opportunity

Commitments towards Suppliers

Arteria respects all its suppliers and it considers them not as just suppliers, but as Business Partners. It thus believes in building its relationship with its business partners and encourages doing more business with business partners who are committed and faithful to it and who follows business ethics and highest level of Integrity. Arteria is committed in making timely payments.

Assets Information

Arteria is firmly committed in securing all information data. Arteria has implemented Information security management system (ISO 27001) which ensures Asset Management, Human resources security, physical access security, data security, network security.