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All companies wrestle with the challenges of creating, refreshing, and maintaining nonproductive environments for development and testing: inefficiency and increasing costs. SAP® Test Data Migration Server software can help by enabling you to create and refresh nonproductive systems with data sets reduced by nearly 70%. Better control over the data gives you more efficient and more consistent nonproductive systems, and that in turn reduces costs and increases the quality of development work.

SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a high-speed data extraction tool that populates your development, test, quality assurance and training systems with SAP business data from your live productive environment

  • Choose the set of data to be extracted from your productive system:
    • Repository and client-independent data
    • All master and configuration data
    • Time slice of transactional data in addition to master and configuration data
    • Time slice of transactional data in addition to master and configuration data belonging to a specific organizational unit (e.g. Company code)
  • Load the selected productive data into your development, test, quality assurance and training system using high-speed data migration technology
  • Selectively and flexibly refresh single clients in the target system

How to Get Started

SAP Test Data Migration Server

Technical Details

  • Tool installation on: SAP WebAS 6.20, 6.40 or 7.00
  • System environments managed: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, ERP 2004 & 2005
  • Languages supported: English, German, French, Japanese


  • Implementation Services offered by Arteria Technologies

Knowledge Transfer

  • End users trained on TDMS before hand over after the project completion


  • SAP Standard Maintenance

More Information

Implementation for SAP TDMS
SAP TDMS Set-up & Configuration Consulting
  • Provide overview of SAP TDMS
  • Initial set-up of SAP TDMS
  • Implementation of customer-specific requirements such as shell creation, scrambling, and unique data reduction rules
  • Provide knowledge transfer in the use of SAP TDMS to SAP TDMS resource(s) based on customer-specific requirements
  • Provide support for issues that arise for the duration of the project
  • Typical project duration: 4 weeks

Business Issues

  • Large and quickly growing SAP systems, causing increasing infrastructure and maintenance expenses?
  • The need to test and validate your in-house developments early on with real business data?
  • The challenge to scramble sensitive data in development, test, quality assurance and training environments?
  • Multiple parallel IT projects affecting different organizational units with diverse project timelines?
  • Demand to simulate new business situations?

Consider implementing a solution that helps you to create lean and consistent development, test, quality assurance and training environments based on real business data

Value to You

  • REDUCED INFRASTRUCTURE EXPENDITURES: Reduce your disk space by decreasing the data volume in your development, test, quality assurance and training systems
  • IMPROVED QUALITY: Improve quality of development and training activities by using business-relevant and up-to-date test data
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Increase development efficiency by reducing the administrative efforts and time required to manage your development and test systems
  • HIGHER FLEXIBILTY: Support independent project schedules by selectively refreshing single clients of your development, test and quality assurance systems
  • DECISION SUPPORT: Effectively simulate new business situations in your test environments using up-to-date data before taking critical business decisions
  • OUTSOURCING: Reduce testing expenses by outsourcing those activities to low-cost countries while keeping sensitive data anonymous thus ensuring legal compliance

Resulting in REDUCED COST while INCREASING QUALITY in development and training activities


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