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StudentConnect is a SAP Netwaever based portal that provides university/technical institutions a secure access for student centric functions like examination system, enrollment,attendance.Institution specific work management like affilationa, scholarship management ,academic monitoring , curriculum preparation,billing,budget,inventory,grants management, payroll & deducytions,answer book assessment, certificate management . E-Delivery mechanism for questionpapers including allotment to various local or regional centers.


Examination System
  • Pre – Examination checklists and integration
  • Online exam form filling with inteagration to college system relating to eligiblity ,stationery, marks/certification verification , exam re-assessment etc.
  • Examination timetable across subjects with schedule & location
  • E-Delivery mechanism for question papers
  • Periodical marking system
  • E-Result processing & display
  • Post examination checklists and integration
College Affilations
  • New affiliations with codes & online verification
Scholarship Management
  • Minority grants
  • College grants
  • Central/State scholarships
Academic Monitoring
  • Comprehensive checklist for students grade monitoring
  • Dashboards fro students performance
Student Lifecyle Management
  • Complete process from admission to alumni inbuilt within the portal
College/Institution Self Service Platform
  • Leave approvals
  • Re-Imbursements
  • travel plans and approvals
  • Administartive approvals
Administrative Functions
  • Inventory management
  • Budgeting
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Payroll
  • Message board
  • College magazine , student & teacher collabration , notes etc

Business Issues

  • Lack of visibilty and automation acros education ecosytem
  • information disconnect leading to loss of productive days for students & institutional Stakeholders
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Unsynchronized delivery and manual updation of information
  • Currently students not part of the education ecosystem
  • Examination delivery is taxing the teachers
  • The stakeholders don’t have toatal overview on aspects of institutional Governance


  • Secure web based portal solution for students,teachers & institutional stakeholders
  • E-Examination delivery
  • Self service function for teachers students & institutional Stakeholders
  • Alerts ,reports 7 message boards with access to the information for studets ,teaches and institutional Stakeholders



StudentConnect Advantage provides students, teachers access to SAP SLCM & ERP data via Net Weaver Enterprise portal. This solution helps students, teachers and services most important to the institute. It also enables institutional Stakeholders, teachers and students to have same view on the information thereby helping delivering education to meet demand of e-Examination and e-governance.

Solution Implementation

  • Easy to enhance
  • Institution branded portal
  • Can be extended with SAP Interactive forms by Adobe for off-line scenario.
  • Can be extended with SAP mobility.

Key Business Benefits

  • Real-time and secure web based portal solution for collaboration between students, teachers and institutional Stakeholders.
  • Self-service function to receive and update current information
  • Alerts, Reports and Message boards with access to same information.
  • The Students, teachers and institution now have the same view of the data.

Solution Brief