Arteria Arteria
  • End-to-End services for implementing your customer supplier EDI guidelines using SAP Cloud platform
  • Arteria’s B2B EDI INTEGRATION is a part of Finessart product portfolio , that design a Common Framework for electronic business transaction with customers/suppliers for improving supply chain efficiencies
  • Security and Monitoring framework to ensure legal compliance
  • Accelerators to help in quick go-live


  • Enable standards-based integration of inter-company processes
  • Save on human intervention and costs
  • Turnaround time to process orders will be reduced as the whole process is automated
  • Use of EDI for planning and forecasting can lead reduced lead times and stockholding
  • Transparency and traceability in transactions
  • Legally Compliant and secure mechanism for electronic exchange of transactions
  • Lower TCO
    • Less maintenance
    • Less human resources
    • Rapid implementation using pre-defined content


Many SAP customers are looking for one central process integration layer to seamlessly integrate and manage key business processes. While SAP Cloud platform Process Integration (PI) is for most SAP customers the next logical step to consider for establishing such a platform; you are facing the challenge to embed existing EDI processes into your SAP PI integration architecture at reasonable costs. And most important: using a single monitoring and management framework to avoid multiple potential points of failure. Arteria’s EDI Advantage is a high performance EDI solution with embedded translation and monitoring capabilities. The solution is already pre-packaged with some mappings, saving valuable implementation time and costs.

EDI Advantage is a powerful, intuitive packaged software solution from Arteria that improves your productivity by offering rapid implementation of SAP PI with EDI in your environment. EDI Advantage package is a set of services which help companies rapidly establish B2B relationship with their trading partners (Customers and Suppliers) utilizing EDI. It includes the automation of internal processes required to establish the EDI framework.

  • Ensure successful setup and implementation of your EDI solution
  • Accelerate implementation time and minimize disruption to your business

By focusing on implementing specific messages EDI Advantage limits the number of mappings that are developed. But will help you understand the mapping best practices and partner connectivity best practices.

Reduced TCO

SAP Cloud platform is the ideal platform for EDI integration between your SAP system and business partners. This would imply that existing investment and infrastructure can be used for internal and business-to-business integration scenarios.

Arteria EDI Advantage Approach

Experience in implementing EDI using SAP PI would translate into executing the entire process using pre-defined templates. These templates of configuration, development objects and mappings would result in a fast go-live for the EDI scenarios. This approach would ensure that best business practices are followed and future development is built on this foundation.

Compliance To Business Partner Standards

By adopting EDI, your organization is in compliance to business partner standards for electronic exchange of documents. The tight integration with partners will also make it attractive for your organization to attract customers and suppliers.

Business Issues

  • Common Framework for electronic business transaction with customers for improving supply chain efficiencies
  • Supply chain inefficient due to in-accurate (error-prone), slow and repeated capturing of data
  • Deductions and credits for mistakes


  • EDI Advantage from Arteria



  • Automate national and international order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay scenarios to reduce manual errors, get more accuracy in the order fulfillment process and reduce labor costs
  • Implement Vendor Management Inventory scenarios optimizing supply chain efficiency, reducing stock-levels, optimizing cargo transport and improve customer services
  • Integrate external warehouse management systems real-time and secure in order to track goods movements and synchronize stock level information
  • Automate Internet-based inter-company processes such as inter-company billing, payments and cash management across divisions and heterogeneous applications


Packaged EDI Advantage Scenarios
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Procure-to-pay
  • Quick go-live with-in 6 weeks
Other Scenarios
  • Vendor management
  • Inventory management
  • Optimized cargo transport

Key Business Benefits

  • Experience in implementing EDI using SAP PI translating into executing the entire process using pre-defined templates
  • Reduced TCO – single SAP Cloud platform PI is used for all integration scenarios
  • Native integration to SAP (IDocs / RFC) from SAP PI to leverage the SAP delivered integration content
  • Reduction in deduction and credit for mistakes
  • Competitive advantage: Preferred way of trading among top manufacturing and retail organizations
  • Reduced costs, Increased efficiency, Increased accuracy and Higher profits