Engagement model

Our flexible engagement models help to strike the right balance between operational efficiency and cost effectiveness through systems and processes that are geared to provide customers with a high level of transparency and full control.

Rightshore Delivery Model

When the project is reasonably well-defined and the business logic straightforward, the entire gamut of work from requirements gathering to final delivery, can be executed rightshore. Through the expertise gained over several years of industry experience, a strong adherence to established processes and the prevalence of excellent communication infrastructure, we employ this model effectively for the highest cost-effectiveness to our clients.

Onsite Delievery Model

It is sometimes preferred to have the initial consulting, coding, testing, deployment and support entirely executed within the client’s premises. The onsite team of managers, consultants and programmers coordinate and execute their work seamlessly through the formation of an integrated team. This delivery model works well in reducing turnaround time, particularly in instances where the requirements are a little fluid and evolving.

This model also provides for staff augmentation, where software professionals are provided onsite for short-term engagements, to address backlogs or sudden surges in workload.

Hybrid Model

Often, we recommend a hybrid model through a combination of Rightshore and Onsite teams. Typically in this model, the onsite team handles client interaction, requirements gathering, project management and final implementation, while the larger rightshore team’s service offerings will include design, development and testing. The ratio of onsite-rightshore effort is determined based on parameters of cost, domain complexity and the relative fluidity of requirements.

Delivery Capability

Delivery team

Rightshoring projects are complex. They need to be managed by qualified people in carefully defined roles. Four key professionals provide leadership for Arteria’s rightshore delivery.

Onsite Coordinators

They understand client requirements and ensure completeness of specifications before off-shoring work for execution. They liaison between the onsite and rightshore teams and coordinate and review all rightshore requests.

Project Managers

They are a single point of contact for rightshore engagement. They are accountable for project deliverables, schedule and quality. They are responsible for communication, co-ordination and resolution of issues.

QA Team

This team ensures compliance with QA processes and methodology. It conducts reviews (project, solution and Project Management), validates test results and certifies deliverables.


They develop the project as per blueprint document and carry out unit and integration tests as per the plans. They also document and transfer knowledge to onsite teams.

Delivery Process

Arteria’s delivery model consists of a unique combination of onsite and rightshore components. Its onsite work is handled by high caliber techno-functional consultants, who engage continuously with clients to understand their requirements. They also communicate functionalities and best business practices available in SAP and finally, formulate SAP solutions to fulfill unique business needs of clients.

Technical work required for getting solutions incorporated in SAP is documented in detail on-site in consultation with client. Rightshore team works on the requirement and implements the solution. Arteria has proven expertise over the science and art of rightshoring. It has developed predefined communication channels, stringent documentation and quality standards to tightly integrate its on-site and rightshore teams and ensure smooth delivery of projects.