Arteria Arteria

Arteria’s Channel Financing solution is a part of Finessart product portfolio, that comes with a built-in integration to SAP Suite of Products in both on-premise and cloud.  It is an innovative FinTech product that adds Financing aspect to the supply chain at both supplier and dealer side. Through the product dealers and suppliers can avail Channel Financing from ICICI bank through a paperless process.  It is also integrated directly with Organizations SAP ERP enabling real time automated reconciliation with MIS reports and alerts

Digital Channel Finance : Benefits to Dealers / Suppliers

Benefits for Organizations

  • The support provided to the dealers/distributors in availing the channel financing will result in quick payments and reduces the financial cost on working capital funds.
  • At the supplier side, the quick payments through this process will help Organizations to get the bills discounted by vendors.


Existing Process for Channel Financing

  • Manual and Offline Process ( Purchase Orders and Payments )
  • Confirmation Delays ( Leading to longer Purchase to Pay Cycle )
  • Loan documentation process ( Long and cumbersome )
  • Manual reconciliation ( Administrative cost and tracking between purchase and payments )

Through Arteria – ICICI Solution

  • 24/7 digital – procure to payment solution on mobile
  • Simple easy and convenient payment journey
  • Digital and  paperless payment and channel financing
  • Real time automated reconciliation with MIS reports and alerts