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Fun at work is directly proportional to employee motivation, productivitiy, creativitiy and satisfaction. We celebrate all major festivals in our campus be it Diwali, Christmas or our Independence Day. We have regular activities which boosts the spirit of our employees though they work in tight schedules. This ideally helps morale, reduce stress and increase team building. We have many informal committees who take the responsibility of fun at work and also provide a vigorous working environment for overall development of an individual.

Quiz Committee

A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly. We stimulate an understanding of the importance of general knowledge to improve the growth in knowledge and abilities. Quiz improves both general and technical knowledge which also acts a refresher for our employees. The activity is pretty interesting and challenging all the way through the final round and a great fun for all the competitors and the audience.

Vocabulary Committee:

It is an activity held once in a month, which helps to improve the skills and ability in communication. As a result of this Activity, we will tend to use the Dictionary and frame sentence in our own words. The committee believes that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Debate Committee

“It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.” Being able to communicate effectively is very essential if we want to build a successful career. So we started this debate committee to help our employees to improve their communication skills .The debate committee is responsible for scheduling, promoting and organizing the debate sessions with the active participations of Arterians on regular basis. The debate sessions are helpful for all Arterians since it will

  • Encourage critical thinking.
  • Provide a platform to express the personal views.
  • Promote mutual understanding, teaches the principles of tolerance and respect others views’.
  • Improve verbal or performance skills, effective communication, independent research, and teamwork.
DVD Committee

The DVD committee is responsible for arranging video sessions on Personality development which include Communication Skills, Body Language, improving Positive Attitude, Time Management and Success Secrets. The video sessions will be on motivational speeches of Shive Kera, Personality development video sessions include improving communication skills and body language. Arterians are benefited in improving their inter-personal skills by these video sessions.

JAM (Just a Minute)

It is a game that uses extemporaneous speaking and careful listening to emphasize good speaking and diction, in a challenging environment where the listeners attempt to identify a number of errors. . To speak for the full minute without being challenged is extremely difficult, and meritorious when achieved.
It helps to develop quick flow of thoughts along with good grammar, choice of words and sentence structure.


“The spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” Poetry committee is dedicated to stimulate the feelings of Life’s tempo through writing poetry. Poetry is a responsible attempt to recognize the world in human terms through literary composition.Poem is a composition in verse, usually characterized by concentrated and heightened language in which words are chosen for their sound and suggestive power as well as for their sense, and using such techniques as meter, rhyme, and alliteration. Idealy it

  • Pays focus to the world and support to pay attention as well
  • Praises & rejoice life
  • Act as a bystander
  • Portray different perspectives
  • Challenge to think deeply
  • Plays with language in a way that can be entertaining and delightful

The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill one should have in this dynamic corporate world. Taking this into account, we help Arterians in encouraging their confidence level and bringing out their hidden talents. The Committee focuses on taking off the stage fear from the individuals and helping them to deliver a speech with clarity.

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