Arteria Arteria

Arteria believes that employees are the most important resource and we treat your employees well and consider them as invaluable assets that can help to make our business a success. We value personal development and growth of our employees. We help employees to create balance in their lives. Our benefit plan is designed to provide all the support an employee needs in bringing new ideas, meeting challenges and realizing their potential.

Arteria offers a variety of benefits that go far beyond basic health care and retirement. The list of common alternative benefits includes:
  • Alternative or flexible work schedules
  • Telecommuting and work-at-home options
  • Educational assistance and management training
  • Paid time off (other than vacation and sick leave)
  • Attendance incentives
  • A multitude of health benefit options
  • Pension systems
  • Outside recreational activities
  • Fully paid luxury retreats for employees