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Real Time Flood Monitoring & Forecasting


Every year, flood, the most common disaster in India causes immense loss to the country’s property and lives.

  • Ÿ2014 UP floods have affected the lives of over 300,000 people in 1,500 villages
  • Ÿ2014 floods and landslides in Jammu and Kashmir claimed 282 lives and damaged 2.53 lakh houses.
  • ŸUttar Pradesh has highest area (7.336 mil Ha ) prone to Floods and Ganga Basin is one of the critical flood prone zones.

Challenges faced by State Irrigation Departments

Manual Process

  • Manual and slow process to collect and consolidate the data on water flow level, reservoir levels, weather across various sensors
  • No real-time mechanism to analyze the critical flood influencing factors and alert on flood situations

Flood Forecasting

  • Existing flood forecast system is archaic and not comprehensive
  • Lack of good data processing and computational capability for flood forecasting calculations


  • Timely notification on flood situation to responsible administrator to evacuate people from potential flood areas.

Arteria – SAP Collaborative Solution: Real Time Flood Monitoring & Forecasting ( ReFoRM )

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ReFoRM: IoT and Big Data using SAP HANA for a Social Cause

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Pilot Process

  • Running successfully in over 100 locations in a major river basin.
  • Gathering of Data from various devices in the field and also integrating with new loT for better reach.
  • Alerting the concerned teams when there are discrepancies in data capture.
  • Over 25 parameters captured and analysed successfully to forecast on a flood event with more than available probability.
  • All the above parameters are captured and successful.


Use of an intermediary server to capture various formats and then standardize the same


Worked with various departments to show the benefits they would derive out of such a situation and by making them a part of the overall ownership.


Technical difficulties of various devices and the functioning due do various changes in weather and surrounding and how to improve on the accuracy that needs to be addressed and work is on with device manufactures.

Collaborative Process

SAP Co-Innovation Lab & Arteria

  • Platform to enable both strategic and tactical collaboration and innovation efforts
  • Productive results from all SAP Co-Innovation Lab projects directly contribute content to go-to-market efforts