Arteria Arteria

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

– Michael Jordan

We have created a comfortable and encouraging environment in which people are empowered, productive, and happy. Arteria provides high quality work opportunities for the employees with the freedom to experiment and innovate and excel in their career.

We have an ambient atmosphere which makes the employees work enthusiastically and perform to the potential. Arteria helps the employees to foster the ability and desire to put in their cumulative efforts to achieve the organization’s goals. Arteria focus on the nurturing the young talents and bring them to lime light in the technology arena.

Investing in our employees

We provide adequate training to our employees to live up to the demanding expectations of our customers, giving the chance to develop their career.The Training team provides an effective ongoing training and development, whether in the classroom or on-the-job, ensures employee success in their current role. We conduct regular training programs in technical, communication and project management areas. We also nominate our employees to open programs.

Open and non hierarchal communication

Our flat hierarchy structure and open door policy promotes a free flow of information, ideas and expertise across the organization. The dynamic ideas and feedback from employees is taken into consideration and acted upon.

Individual Attention and faster issue resolution

Feeling secured and in case of crisis (ex: hospitalization on health grounds) Team Arteria stands with him/her. Team Arteria is always ready with love affection, care, mental support and money. Arteria is always ready to handle Employee’s crisis. Employees feel that they have enormous support and feeling secured.

Less turnaround time in sorting out Employees issues. Top Management is involved when required. Proper and Immediate attention given to the Employees issues make them to feel they are being taken care of and they don’t feel that they are left with unaddressed issues.

Management commitment

As money alone will not satisfy a human, employees are motivated to have a long term commitment with Arteria due to its policy of “You are taken care of”.

Equal opportunities

Arteria provides equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and in the working environment to all employees and applicants. Arteria does not take any non-merit factors like race, color, religion, sex (gender), mental/physical disability, and age into account for purposes of recruitment, hiring and development.

Growth potential

Employees are motivated to take higher roles and responsibilities. We provide ample growth opportunities based on the employee performance in a short span of time and gives an opportunity to do challenging assignments .Arteria offers a wide variety of exciting technologies for the employees to work with.